About Elite Edge


James Roberts


The Elite Edge is the brainchild of real estate industry expert James Roberts. For the past 19 years, not only has Mr. Roberts trained and coached hundreds of real estate agents across the United States, he has also personally closed hundreds of deals. Prior to entering the real estate industry, James spent several years in the advertising and marketing industry where he learned all the intricacies of lead generation, cost per lead, cost per close, etc.

The Golden Referral- a lead that comes from someone that knows you, likes you, and trusts you- and talks you up as the go-to person- is a hundred times better than any lead gotten from any other source. Referrals close at a higher percentage, referrals are less likely to negotiate lower commissions and referrals refer others at a higher rate. 

So many agents are taught to knock doors, buy internet leads, send out mailers to farms- basically chase after leads. Don’t get us wrong- these have proven to start many a real estate agent’s career. But what if there was a better way, a system where leads chased you? What if instead of you chasing leads- you could implement key principles where clients are calling you wanting you to help them sell and/or buy? 

Very few agents have learned the key principles and consistently implement them on how to get clients to chase them.

We’ve designed a 12 week program called the “The Elite Edge.” This system is designed to get real estate agents up and running- and most importantly- getting the phone ringing with people wanting to do business with you. Our goal is for you to receive 2 Solid Golden Referrals each Week, minimum.

Best parts about this system? 

#1: It truly works- if you follow the key principles and systems- your business will grow- guaranteed.

#2: It is 100% free. There is no cost, no obligation, no hidden fees, no teaser classes where they promise the real material- but only after you then pay an exorbitant fee. None of that. You get everything 100% free.

#3: You will receive a coach that will help you with accountability and implementing the things you need to do to take your business even higher.